Nine Inch Nails – Wave Goodbye

and goodnight…

It’s 3:15am and I’m exhausted. It still hasn’t really hit me that this was NIN’s last show. I kind of got used to seeing them every-other day.

Videos are uploading. Feet are throbbing. A proper review, videos, and pics will be posted in the next day or 2. In the meantime:

Wave Goodbye

Wave Goodbye

20 years later. . . thank you

20 years later. . . thank you

Response to Nine Inch Nails – Wave Goodbye

  1. Great review!!! The show was amazing. I let you in front of me and you got some amazing video. Good Times… Hopefully the wave goodbye won’t be to long……….. James

    • Thank you and thank you for giving me the prime view! I just uploaded a bunch more videos from Fonda, Palladium and Wiltern to my YouTube channel (another 6 are being uploaded now).

      Somehow missed you when the show was over, so happy you found me here. Let me know next time you head North for some music – would love to connect with you and Jen again.

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