New Orleans Voodoo Experience – Halloween

October 31, 2009
2009 Voodoo Experience
New Orleans, LA

Mute Math's Darren King

Mutemath's Darren King

Day 2: So much music, so little time to write!! Mates of State, Mutemath, Gogol Bordello, Wolfmother, Jane’s Addiction, Kiss. . . I will write an in-depth review as soon as the music stops or the city sleeps. In the meantime, some highlights and pictures.

Here’s how the Voodoo Experience differed Day 2 to Day 1:
Day 2: Sunny
Day 1: Torrential downpours

Day 2: Halloween
Day 1: Not Halloween, but you wouldn’t know it in New Orleans

Day 2: Exceptional music back to back
Day 1: Exceptional music back to back

Day 2: Experienced great live performances hour after hour
Day 1: Heard some great live music (with rain as a backing track) from the safety of a dry tent

Day 2: Hotshot Robot mysteriously beheaded
Day 1: Hotshot Robot happily roaming the festival, in-tact

Only Wolfmother really knows what happened to Hotshot Robot:

Wolfmother and Hotshot Robot

It was Wolfmother, in the bar, with the neck of a guitar


Mates of State welcomed the crowd and the sunny day with an uplifting, fun set:

Mates of State

Mates of State


The crowd welcomed the sun and Mates of State by singing along:

Mates of States Fans

Mates of States fans know all the words


Wolfmother interview:


Wolfmother dodging questions about the Robot


Mutemath sets the tone not just for Voodoo Experience, but for live music performance as a whole:

Mute Math's Paul Meany

Mutemath's Paul Meany - this is live music


Mute Math

Mutemath takes it to the next level

Gogol Bordello makes the crowd go insane:

Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello


Wolfmother: They exceeded my expectations and my expectations were high:




Wolfmother captivates the audience:

Wolfmother crowd

Wolfmother crowd


Jane’s Addiction kicks off the night:

Jane's Addiction

Jane's Addiction


Kiss – enough said:




Seasoned musicians know how to play with fire:




Off to catch some more music! Stay tuned…

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