The Big Pink at The El Rey

March 9, 2010
The El Rey Theater, Los Angeles

The Big Pink

The Big Pink

Whoever gave these guys a chance deserves a hand for being able to see it early.  I first heard The Big Pink’s “Dominos” on the radio several months ago and really liked it.   (And by “radio” I mean: KCRW).  I’ve had an intuitive feeling about The Big Pink ever since hearing that song and decided I wanted to see them live before venturing further into their music.  I hadn’t listened to their album or done any research about the band prior to this show.  Didn’t want to know anything else about them — just wanted to experience whatever The Big Pink had to offer via a live performance.

What The Big Pink has to offer is: originality, consistently good music, and a solid, passionate live show.  I was surprised, not because I expected anything less from The Big Pink, but because based on the current state of the music industry, it takes some balls to take a chance on a band like this.  Not many are really willing to do it.  The Big Pink defy categorization and it requires vision and patience to understand the potential for that to pay off.   In fact, when I came home from the show and went to download their album, “A Brief History of Love,” I saw that The Big Pink’s genre is listed as “unknown” on iTunes.

Robbie Furze

Robbie Furze "These Arms of Mine"

I wasn’t sure I was in the mood for it actually, but it turned out The Big  Pink is exactly what I needed.  Something unexpected, something almost magical. Approximately two-thirds of the way through their set, The Big Pink played “These Arms of Mine.”  This moment led the crowd to be silenced and in awe of Robbie Furze’s amazing voice.  This is when every woman in audience melted and when every man in the audience thought to himself, “Fuck. How am I going to compete with this?!”

The Big Pink

The Big Pink

Go check ’em out.  Give them a few songs.  It feels familiar.  You could walk in on the performance of a number of their songs and think, “oh yeah, I’ve heard this before. It’s like blah blah bl. . . Oh, no. . . It isn’t. . . ”  Approximately three songs into their set you realize The Big Pink is entirely different.  And it’s good.

In case you’re in love with the song “Dominos” and haven’t heard the rest of the album nor seen The Big Pink live, you should know – they’re not all like “Dominos.”   Don’t be disappointed – this is simply the case because The Big Pink has more than one good song and more than one good sound.

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