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OK Go “This Too Shall Pass” Video

March 2, 2010
EMI Wakes Up

In celebration of OK Go’s victory in getting EMI to allow the embedding (and therefore greater viral spread) of their latest music video, here it is!

You may remember that it was precisely OK Go’s innovative video for “Here It Goes Again” (now with more than 49 million views generated online) that gained tremendous notoriety for the band.  So when they released the video for their song “This Too Shall Pass,” you’d think the label would want as many people as possible to actually see it.  Yeah, you’d think that.  But EMI disabled the video embedding features.  Until now.  Congrats, OK Go!

“This Too Shall Pass” seems an all too appropriate title.

The Soundtrack of Our Lives at The El Rey

February 26, 2010
The El Rey Theater, Los Angeles

The Soundtrack of Our Lives

The Soundtrack of Our Lives

If you visit The Soundtrack of Our Lives website, you will read this:

The purpose for this band’s existence is:
The spiritual guidance through the great transformation that we are now experiencing as we move towards the zenith in the meridian of our galaxy, the Milky Way.

The Soundtrack of Our lives is simply a bridge to enlightenment through entertainment and is well on the way to complete their mission in this dimension for mankind.

Martin Hederos

Martin Hederos

Right now the band members are working on various classified projects and will start Part I of the 2009/2010 Winter Tour in November.

Don’t miss it if you have the opportunity to see them live. It will probably save your life!

If you go see TSOOL live, you will find out that statement is true.

The unpredictable language of you-don't-know-what

The unpredictable language of you-don't-know-what

Just a few songs into TSOOL’s set and you’re on your way to transcendence.  It’s not clear where exactly you’re going, as lead singer Ebbot Lundberg noted early during Friday’s show at The El Rey, “This is the unpredictable language of you-don’t-know-what.”

At times it seems they venture to the dark side, but not in a scary way.  TSOOL acknowledges the dark and encourages you to embrace those parts of yourself and society in order to transform them.  If you don’t acknowledge something, how can you possibly change it?



During this mind/body/spirit trip, TSOOL guide you with, as promised by their name, a Soundtrack.  While immersed in exceptional rock riffs, deep bass lines, soulful keys, mind-blowing drums, and a captivating, theatrical performance, you’re greeted by lyrics such as “Welcome to the other side,” “Show me what you got,” and “Welcome to The Future.”

Wayne Kramer

Wayne Kramer kicks out the jams with TSOOL

During the climax of the show, Wayne Kramer of MC5 joined TSOOL on stage and played “Kick Out The Jams.”  This portion of the set neared sensory overload.  Thankfully, I really enjoy sensory overload. And although they’ve taken you to the highest peak, it’s not over. The Soundtrack of Our Lives embraces you with the beautiful melody of “Tonight”. . . TSOOL knows it’s important to lie there and cuddle.

I’ve wanted to see TSOOL play since they released “Behind The Music” in 2001.  Unfortunately, I’ve been out of town each time they passed through previously.  Among other things I learned as a result of their performance Friday night, “Behind The Music” took on an even deeper meaning – there’s definitely more to TSOOL than music. . . and all of it’s good.


Welcome to the future

In early February they released an E.P. called “The Immaculate Convergence.”  Lyrics like “Little stranger, let me know, light the shadow of what used to be my soul,” take you further along this journey.

When they finished their set, I looked at my friend and said, “At what point do you begin describing that?”

I guess you’d start at the beginning.  But thanks to TSOOL, I’m somewhere else entirely now, so you best see for yourself.

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