Track by Track Video Exploration of Terra Naomi’s New Album “To Know I’m OK”

June 20, 2011

Terra Naomi To Know I'm OK (Photo by Ben Watts)

If you’re a “regular” here at Rock Is A Girl’s Best Friend, or if you follow me on Twitter, then you know I prefer to do things unconventionally. Terra Naomi‘s new album, To Know I’m OK, came about unconventionally as well.

When I met Terra more than a year ago, she had a very clear vision of how she wanted this album to sound, even before all the songs were written.  She knew she wanted John Alagia (Rachel Yamagata, Brett Dennen, Ben Folds Five, David Gray, Liz Phair, Jason Mraz) to produce the album.  She was free from a major-label deal so she could do things differently, not beholden to anyone but herself.  At the same time, she was also keenly aware that she no longer had the major-label resources to record and release her second album, and if she forgot about that for a moment, somebody was there telling her it couldn’t be done.

Photo by Ben Watts

Determined to make her vision a reality, Terra ignored the naysayers and set forth on a path to record and release To Know I’m OK, without compromise.  Terra  raised the recording budget via a direct to fan engagement campaign with PledgeMusic and then approached John Alagia to produce the album.  Upon hearing the music and Terra’s plans for releasing the album, Alagia agreed.  The result? “This is the album I’ve always wanted to make,” Terra says.

Terra is also going about releasing the album independently, partnering with technology companies and passionate audience communities.  As she did with PledgeMusic, Terra continues to go directly to fans, reaching them in unique ways, and including them in the process. Terra partnered with Hipstamatic, engaging their passionate community and incorporating user-submitted Hipstamatic photos as the centerpiece of her video for “You For Me”.  She’s working with Klout, providing unique offerings to their influencers, as well as partnering with music and lifestyle bloggers.

Photo by Ben Watts

To Know I’m OK will be available tomorrow, Tuesday June 21st, and I wanted to do something special in honor of its release. I considered interviewing Terra about the songs and the recording process. I thought it might be fun to drink with Terra. Actually, I knew that was fun, having done it previously. Other ideas that crossed my mind were: going behind the scenes with Terra and producer John Alagia during the recording process, posting random outtakes from the studio, sharing footage nobody knew I was recording, and posting full streams of some of the songs on the album. I even considered showing the recording process through the eyes of Terra’s dog, Elliott Osito. I’m of the belief that we can have it all, so below, you will find everything mentioned above.

I hope you enjoy this track-by-track video exploration of Terra Naomi: To Know I’m OK.

It’s time for a listening party

1. You For Me
Michael Chaves, Sean Hurley, Brad Conrad, John Alagia, Victor Indrizzo lend a hand to Terra Naomi during the recording of “You For Me”

Terra’s dog, Elliott, lends his tail during the making of “You For Me”

Listen to “You For Me” (Full Stream)

2. If I Could Stay
Terra performs “If I Could Stay” at a private house party

3. Not Sorry
Terra discusses the re-recording of “Not Sorry”

Listen to the new version of “Not Sorry” from To Know I’m OK

4. Everybody Knows
Terra, John Alagia, Brad Conrad, Zac Rae, Victor Indrizzo, Sean Hurley, and Michael Chaves working out “Everybody Knows” in the studio

Recording “Everybody Knows”

Listen to “Everybody Knows” Album Version (Full Stream)

5. Someday Soon
Terra, producer John Alagia, Brad Conrad, Zac Rae, Michael Chaves, Victor Indrizzo, and Sean Hurley listening to their initial recordings of “Someday Soon”

6. I’ll Be Waiting
Terra discusses the meaning of “I’ll Be Waiting” during our “interview” at Malibu Wines

Recording “I’ll Be Waiting”

Listen to “I’ll Be Waiting” (Full Stream)
I’ll Be Waiting:

7. Take Time
Terra does a special performance of “Take Time” for Rock Is A Girl’s Best Friend:

Inspired by a man who dumped her:

Listen to “Take Time” (Full Stream)
Take Time:

8. To Know I’m OK

Listen to the title track from Terra’s new album, “To Know I’m OK” (full stream)
To Know I’m Ok:

Terra’s dog, Elliott Osito, gives his notes on the album

Finally, after a long day in the studio, John Alagia and Michael Chaves had these parting words for Terra:

Terra Naomi: To Know I’m OK
Available at iTunes and Amazon beginning June 21, 2011

Response to Track by Track Video Exploration of Terra Naomi’s New Album “To Know I’m OK”

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  2. Wow, this is an absolutely brilliant way of presenting information about the album and the whole process of recording. So much good stuff, but arranged so anyone can access whichever parts they find the most interesting. Outstanding job. (Also proof that a little bit of wine makes interviews so much more relaxed and personal. lol)

    • So happy you enjoyed it! I had a lot of fun on the journey and putting together the article, so I really appreciate hearing that you also like and appreciate it 🙂

      Thank you!

  3. i would like to put all this under my pillow, forever… and terra: don’t ever say you look fat, you are looking like a real woman, my dear! simply beautiful. the “someday soon” clip is my favorite! xox

  4. Since the first time I heard “I”ll be Waiting” on that live Terra did on StageIt, I’ve been in love for it. Such a beautiful song! And I always wondered where it came from. And now I know it! (: Thank you!

    • Thank you, Davi! Happy you enjoyed it and that you got more insight into how “I’ll Be Waiting” originated 🙂 You have been entered into the contest to win an autographed CD as well

  5. When say its possible came out I was absolutely in love. I myself recorded a cover and terra was kind enough to compliment it, I was ecstatic! Ever since, my loyalty has been fierce. I supported on the pledge and have spread her music everywhere I could. My best friend of ten years loves everything by terra as much as I do. It’s become a part of our bond.

    Terra’s songs are empowering and moving and I am beyond thrilled that she made this happen for herself by her own means and extremely grateful I was a part however small.

    I have been listening to these tracks on repeat and so far, I’ll be waiting has me most captivated. Hooked!

    In closing, thanks for this beautiful blog in honor of terra. She deserves no less!

    • Thank you so much!! I really appreciate your comment and am so happy you enjoyed the blog – it was A LOT of fun to put together. You have been entered to win an autographed “To Know I’m OK” CD 🙂

  6. It was only about a year ago when I first heard Terra. I found her on youtube by accident and after two songs I was hooked. One of them was an instructional “how to play Say it’s possible” (look it up if you haven’t seen it) – I was struck by how talented she was and how friendly and funny she was.

    I sent a text to my wife (who was at work at the time) saying “You have to go on youtube and look up Terra Naomi”. Spent the rest of the afternoon listening to Terra songs and haven’t stopped since then.

    One of the first songs I heard was “If I could stay” so that is my favourite video here. It brings back memories of that time, and also it is a great song. I’d become a bet tired of ‘new’ music at the time as there have become so many bland, generic artists but Terra got me interested again.

    Terra makes great use of videos with the intimate song performances, interesting clips and live streaming from things like ustream so it seems highly appropriate having these videos in the blog.

  7. Thanks for putting this together Colette and sharing with us all these wonderful glimpses into the studio, Terra’s interviews and Elliot’s singing lessons =)
    I have to agree, Wine + Interview = relaxed and highly enjoyable.

    ps Love the entire album but “I’ll Be Waiting” is my new favorite <3

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  9. I love all her songs, but my favorite is “I’ll be waiting”. I love the lyrics and melody, I can listen to that song forever!

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