Fiona Apple at Largo

October 28, 2011
Los Angeles, CA


“I didn’t want it to end. I could have watched her for another 5 hours”

“It’s like being a fly on the wall”

“I’ve been to thousands of concerts in my lifetime and that was definitely among my Top 10”

“I’m going to need therapy to overcome this! I don’t know if I can ever feel this good again!”

The sounds of people expressing their appreciation as they filed out of the beautiful venue that is Largo echoed the voices in my head. Three of the top 5 shows I’ve seen this year have been Fiona Apple playing at Largo, on three different occasions.

As I experienced Fiona’s brilliant performance again tonight, I began to wonder: “Maybe those old-school record label execs are smarter than we’re giving them credit for – maybe they’re happy when Fiona Apple keeps a low profile, so that she doesn’t raise the bar beyond their reach.”  That would be an intelligent strategy because Fiona Apple truly does just that.

Not only is her voice impeccable, her presence engaging, and her performance magnificent, she also seems to have a visible, direct connection to the universe.  Apple is tuned-in to the environment, the present moment, the surrounding sounds and feelings. Throughout the show, Fiona seemed to be precisely responding to silent prayers of audience requests, having telepathic conversations with the musicians on stage, answering unspoken questions, and connecting with everyone individually, on a unique and profound level.  Calling it a “performance” does a great disservice as well because that insinuates it’s “put on.”   As it happens, Fiona Apple doesn’t “put on” a performance. She is the song.  They’re inseparable beings.

There’s something about Fiona Apple’s perspective, the way she engages with everyone and everything, that shows you the undeniable connection between all beings.  As the drum she played was carefully carried off-stage, Fiona gently placed the drumsticks on the head of the drum, smiled, and gave them a little pat.  She didn’t say “thank you,” but that’s what was expressed.  Little distinction is made between sentient and non-sentient beings.  The common denominator is vibration: the language of music.

I know there’s more you want to know – all those questions you’ve had all these years, but this is all you need to know.

I dare you to see Fiona Apple at Largo.  It will spoil you.

Response to Fiona Apple at Largo

  1. Main band  
    Fiona Apple vocals , piano , drum Jon Brion acoustic guitar
    Sebastian Steinberg upright bass

    extrodinary machine
    river stay away from my door (traditional)
    on the bound  (fiona piano)
    paper bag
    till i kissed ya  (everly brothers)
    I know
    fast as you can   (fiona piano end jam )
    Instrumental > dont leave me hanging (?)  Sean & Sarah Watkins
    Im so in love with you (title?) with fiona’s sister Maude Maggert)
    no nothing for me (title?) ( duet with Maude  Ft Benmont Tench -Benmont is founding member of Heartbreakers (Tom Petty)
    Jolene  ( Dolly Parton cover –  benmont , sean & sarah watkins )
    your the one i love     ( Everly Brothers cover ft  benmont , sean & sarah )
    walkin after midnight ( patsy cline cover  ft benmont , sean & sarah)
    Criminal   – Bluegrass version ( w/ sean & sarah)
    So Sleepy  ( written by 12 year olds from 826 la ,
    fiona on drum )
    when i get low i get high  ( ella fitzgerald cover )

    Thank you Largo and to all involved if you were there you witnessed something amazing
    25 years of seeing shows definitely in top 3

  2. I really envy you, I am a huge Fiona fan, almost to a creepy level, I love everything about her. Unfortunately I live in Mexico, and I’ve been saving money in case Fiona offers a concert or something like Largo’s performances, but every single time I hear there’s a presentation, it’s just 3 days before the date, so it makes it imposible to me to make my trip to LA or anywhere, anyways, we’re still with the hopes of a new album.. and I never give up my dream of watching her perform live.

  3. I’ve seen Fiona at every Largo show. She’s the Billie Holiday of my generation, and that’s saying a lot. Please don’t tell everybody about these shows, it’s hard enough to get a ticket!

    Stone Malone

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