Joseph Arthur Donating 100% of Proceeds from Live Stage Paintings to Victims in Haiti

January 21, 2010

Joseph Arthur

Photo by Danny Clinch

Joseph Arthur is coming back to Los Angeles this week for two shows at The Troubadour (January 22 and 23).  I’ve been seeing Joseph perform live for 11 years.

One of my favorite Joseph Arthur shows took place in the small room of the Knitting Factory in Hollywood several years ago.  There were technical difficulties during the show which gave Joseph some time to hang with the audience while the tech issues were resolved.  I was surprised and excited when Joseph pulled a notebook out of his backpack and began an impromptu show and tell of some sketches he had done.  As with his songs, he had a captivating story behind every sketch. Arthur is not just a brilliant songwriter and performer, but also a talented visual artist.

I was pleased to learn that Arthur has been inspired to bring back his live stage painting during his shows in San Francisco and Los Angeles, with 100% of the proceeds donated directly to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

Paintings will be sold immediately after the performance at the merchandise booth in a “make an offer” system, with a minimum bid of $500.  Seven paintings were recently sold in Seattle and Portland, with Joseph creating more backstage to keep up with demand.

January 19 & 20 –  San Francisco, CA    Rickshaw Shop
January 22 & 23 – Los Angeles, CA        Troubadour

Joseph’s paintings will be exhibited this year at Sundance, and Peter Gabriel hails Arthur’s work as exhibiting “strength and a visceral quality,” connecting  “Expressionism, Art Brut, Basquiat and the Graffiti movement.”

Live show review to follow.

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